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Announcements: Paid Bussing, City Routes and Other Transportation Options


Paid Bussing, City Routes and Other Transportation Options


Currently, school board policy says the district will only bus kids in kindergarten through fifth grade who are living more than two miles from school, unless the area is deemed, the student is medically fragile, homeless or is required to be bussed through an Individual Education Plan (special education).


To receive transporation services, parents must fill out a transportation application (each year), and return to the Business Services Office at the Kolak Education Center (1633 Keeler Avenue).  Those with questions can call the office at 361-4007.


If the application is denied and the parents feel they live in a hazardous area (ie, no sidewalks, required crossing of a highway/busy street without a crossing guard or signal), or outside of the two-mile minimum for eligibility, a review can be requested by the Executive Director of Business Services at 361-4015.  Areas can be requested to be reviewed for identification as hazardous at any time during the year; parents do not necessarily have to wait until the start of the next school year.


Another option for parents is paid bussing.  In this case, if an existing school bus route runs through the family’s area, and there is room on the bus, families can pay $1 each way, for each student (only on days the student is riding the bus).  Families must contact the district’s Business Office to apply for paid bussing.


The District has a strong partnership with Beloit City Transit, and works closely with them to coordinate bus route schedules that best fit family needs.  Families can purchase semester city bus passes for $85 per semester, per student.  For more information, parents can call Beloit City Transit at 361-2870.


Finally, parents are more than welcome to contact their child’s school principal for help in connecting with other parents in their neighborhood to set up carpooling and/or a “walking school bus” group of students.








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